Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome

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Dry Eye Syndrome – patient information to assist informed consent

This RANZCO patient education pamphlet provides information on dry eye syndrome (keratoconjunctivitis sicca).

The topics discussed include:
-   Anatomy of the eye and the three layers of normal tears: oily layer, water layer and mucus layer
-   Signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome
-   Causes of dry eye syndrome, including medications (such as antihistamines and antidepressants), hot or windy climates, and autoimmune diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis)
-   Diagnosis of dry eye syndrome and the Schirmer Test.

This leaflet can be a useful tool for patients as the many treatment options for dry eye syndrome are discussed in detail. Simple lifestyle changes, such as decreasing screen time and drinking more water, are described for people needing a relief of mild symptoms.

Punctal occlusion and the insertion of punctal plugs is described as a treatment option for relief of moderate symptoms. Lateral tarsorrhaphy is described for patients needing relief of severe symptoms. Preservative-free artificial tears, lubricating ointment and antibiotic ointment are also discussed as a treatment for the relief of moderate to severe symptoms.

Mi-tec publishes 16 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology patient information brochures. Dry eye syndrome is described in plain English to assist the patients’ understanding of health information and to help patients make informed decisions. The RANZCO patient information brochures are printed in five-colour on high-quality A4 sheets.