Online Patient Education

Key Features

  • Online, email-friendly patient education to assist informed consent

  • Sent directly to patient's email inbox 

  • The same high quality treatment information as the pamphlets

  • Automatic reminder system for patients to read the information

  • Records patient's confirmation and read status

  • Complete sent history

  • Accessible on all devices (desktop, smart phone, tablet).

Step by Step

  • 1. Select doctor's name

  • 2. Select the guide(s) — you can select one or multiple guides to send to your patient

  • 3. Enter patient's name and email address, and click SEND. 

    3 easy steps to email patient education guides directly to your patients inbox.


  • Only $9 per month + $0.90 per guide sent (+ GST)

  • Billing calculated on the number of guides sent per month (no minimum) + a low monthly account fee
  • Easy & convenience automated monthly billing

  • Only $9 per month + $0.90 per guide to provide your patients
    high quality treatment information
    to improve patient understanding and assist informed consent.

To sign up to Mi-tec Online, visit or email us

Emailing guides to your patients is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Billing & invoicing

Your invoice will be billed at the end of each month and will be calculated based on the number of guides sent that month. There are no other fees associated with using Mi-tec Online.

We ask that you add your credit card details to your account via the "Administration > Billing" tab for auto-billing.

You will receive a copy of both your invoice and receipt via email at the time of processing.

Please contact should you have any queries relating to your invoice.

Want a quick tutorial on using the portal?

View the video below, or contact us for a run through.

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