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Mi-tec Medical Publishing produces high-quality and extensively peer-reviewed patient education publications for 21 Medical Colleges, Societies and Associations in Australia and New Zealand. The objective of the publications is to reduce the medico-legal risk of “failure to inform” by assisting the informed consent process. Our patient education pamphlets have been written, edited, peer reviewed and published entirely in Australia and New Zealand for more than 30 years. Read more.

Christchurch Surgical Associates (NZ) regularly purchase patient information brochures from Mi-tec. They are current, informative and professionally presented. The response to orders and deliveries by the company is always timely and consistent, and provided with friendly professional service.

Practice Manager, Christchurch Surgical Associates

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You can now email your patients the same high quality, peer reviewed treatment information and medical illustrations as the pamphlets using the Mi-tec Online Portal

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New edition - Reviewed and Updated
Sharps & Needlestick Injury Poster

Emergency steps for health professionals in the event of an exposure incident.

Information reviewed and updated according to the Guidelines for Infection Control, 4th Edition, Australia Dental Association, 2021.

Full colour, laminated, A2 size (42cm x 60cm)

New Edition
Available Now
Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry, Second Edition
2 Volumes • 888 pages • 2,500 illustrations

Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry takes the science of esthetic dental reconstruction to a new level both clinically and academically.

Volume 1 covers the fundamentals and basic procedures, and Volume 2 focuses on advanced clinical techniques, maintenance, and repair of bonded restorations. QR codes throughout link to demonstrations of the techniques and videos highlighting the artistry of biomimetics.

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Obstetrics Folders
Our "Baby Packs" contain all 16 pregnancy-related patient education pamphlets in a convenient and comprehensive folder.

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O & G Patient Education
Best selling Dental model
Clear Human Jaw With Teeth
Full-sized, hinged, clear-cast jaw to allow viewing of roots.

Healthy side shows normal dentition and occlusion.
Affected side shows multiple pathologies, including: super eruption, apical alveolar abscess with caries, periodontal disease and more.

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Australian owned & operated since 1991

All pamphlets are printed locally in Melbourne, and all orders are sent from our office in Camberwell.