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Blepharitis – patient information to assist informed consent

This RANZCO patient education pamphlet provides information on blepharitis.
The topics discussed include:

-   Causes of blepharitis, such as bacterial infections in the glands of the eyelids, eczema-like dermatitis and acne rosacea
-   Signs, symptoms and diagnosis of blepharitis
-   Complications of untreated blepharitis, such as a stye, Meibomian cyst or conjunctivitis.

This leaflet can be a useful tool for patients as the cleaning technique to control the inflammation is described in detail. Other treatments for blepharitis described include oral antibiotics and antibiotic cream.

For patients suffering from blepharitis due to dry eye syndrome, the College patient education pamphlet “Dry Eye Syndrome” can provide more information.

Mi-tec publishes 16 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology patient information brochures. Blepharitis is described in plain English to assist the patients’ understanding of health information and to help patients make informed decisions. The RANZCO patient information brochures are printed in five-colour on high-quality A4 sheets.