Why Aren't All Babies Perfect?

Why Aren't All Babies Perfect?

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Why Aren’t All Babies Perfect – patient information to assist informed consent

This patient education pamphlet provides treatment information on birth defects. The four main categories of birth defects discussed are: 

  • Genetic and chromosomal abnormalities
  • The influences within the uterus
  • A combination of factors 
  • Unknown factors 

This leaflet can be a useful tool for expecting parents as it describes how genetic defects can occur and the most common birth defects. The common birth defects that are detailed in this pamphlet include: heart defects, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, neural tube defects (NTDs), cleft lip or palate, club foot, cystic fibrosis and phenylketonuria, among others.

Common birth defects are described in plain English to assist the patientsunderstanding of health information and to help patients make informed decisions. The Obstetrics and Gynaecology patient information leaflets are printed in five-colour on high-quality A4 sheets.