Shipping and Fulfillment Information

As we have a plentiful stock of all pamphlets, orders are filled and shipped twice each week (Wednesday and Friday). Rarely, a pamphlet may be out of stock and on backorder because it is being reviewed by experts prior to reprinting. If such is the case, we will notify you that there may be a slight delay in fulfilling your order.

All orders are packaged in heavy cardboard boxes or cylinders that, over the years, have proven to be robust and protective of all goods.

All orders are sent in the post via Australia Post.

Rarely, a package and its contents may be damaged in the post. Contact our office if this happens, and we will promptly send a replacement.

Rarely, a posted parcel goes missing. In virtually all cases, the missing parcel has been misplaced upon delivery to the practice, clinic or hospital. Such missing parcels are typically found under a desk or in a back room or on a loading dock, and so forth. If your parcel appears to be missing, please check with other staff who may have accidentally misplaced the parcel.

If you have an urgent order, please contact us by phone, and we will ship the order on the same day. If we use Express Post, the extra postal fee is charged only as an at-cost disbursement. If you are in Melbourne, we will courier the order to your practice as a matter or priority.