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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Hopefully we've been able to assist you with your query below. If not, please feel free to contact Mi-tec Medical Publishing.

Are the patient education pamphlets protected by copyright?

Yes. They are not to be photocopied or reproduced in any hardcopy or electronic format, such as an EPS, PDF, HTML and so on. Similarly, the text and medical illustrations are not to be reproduced. Any queries regarding this should be directed to Dr Calvin Miller, Director by using the contact form or +613 9888 6262.

Can the patient education pamphlets be reproduced on the internet or as hardcopy?

No. The text, illustrations and design are protected by copyright and must not be reproduced in any manner. For practices that are setting up a website, please first contact Dr Calvin Miller, Director, on +613 9888 6262 regarding terms and conditions of limited use of some text.

Do I have to pay when I order by mail, telephone, fax or email?

No, you can pay for pamphlets later. We can send the tax invoice with your shipment. Some hospitals, clinics and individual practices find it easier to pay on receipt of the tax invoice. Terms of payment are 14 days, maximum, please. If you wish, you can pay by credit card when you order.

Can I order online and pay online?

Yes. Go to the products you want and add them to the shopping cart. When you order online, you have to pay by credit card to complete your order. If you don’t want to order and pay online with a credit card, then provide your order via post, telephone, fax or email. We will then send the tax invoice with the shipment.

Hospitals and government departments need to supply a purchase order number and a copy of the order, which may be a hardcopy or an emailled PDF.

Can I return an order of patient education pamphlets?

Yes, as long as they are still the current edition. They must be returned in excellent condition, so carefully box them when posting.

Can I return an anatomical model?

Yes, as long as it is returned within 14 days and is not damaged. Please box it carefully when posting.

Can I return a book?

No. As we order only recently published books specifically from international publishers, we cannot return the books to them. Please order your books with care. The objective of our e-polls is to notify doctors of the latest and best books published by the most renowned authors and editors. As this is a specialty service, the books are ordered into Australia in very small numbers.

Can I order fewer pamphlets?

Yes. While most orders are for a minimum of 100 pamphlets per title, some doctors need fewer pamphlets. If small-quantity options are not listed on your order form, please contact us by phone, email or fax with your requirements. The minimum order is 10 pamphlets, and the unit prices are higher.